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Best Shipping is a well established and recognized company engaged in Packing and Consignment Handling, Customs Clearance, Multi-modal Transportation of Cargo and Door-to-door Delivery. The firm was established in 1985 with the objective of providing premium services as Cargo Handlers and Clearing and Forwarding Agents. Since our inception, we have crossed significant landmarks in our spheres of operation.

Combining professional skills, innovative techniques and the resolution to excel, we endeavor to achieve total customer satisfaction. We are committed to picking up and delivering cargo on-schedule. We offer the most competitive rates from all destinations through reputed shipping lines, airlines and transport companies. We provide the best of professional services with a personal touch.

Ocean Freight

Chennai Port is a major international seaport situated in the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. It is a central port of South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karanataka, Kerala and Andrapradesh.

Air Freight

The Chennai airport is one of the major international airports in India. Apart from passenger traffic cargo traffic handling is very heavy as all major airlines are calling on this airport.


The warehousing of dutiable goods in a customs declared area on execution of a bond without payment of duty for a stipulated or required period is known as bonding of imported goods.
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Our Mission

Ensure Safety

bestcha has had great success in reducing the number of workplace injuries and other incidents in the last 13 years, achieving a reduction of 56% in the Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) during that time.

Build Up Community

Choosing the right site for locating a warehouse or distribution center (DC) is a key challenge for any business.

In Time Delivery

As levels of supply chain integration have increased and inventory levels have been reduced, reliable, on-time deliveries have become increasingly critical for success. Large inventories and production capacities were traditionally required to ensure on-time delivery