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Chennai Port is a major international seaport situated in the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. It is a central port of South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karanataka, Kerala and Andrapradesh. It is a port located strategically to receive cargoes from Far East, Japan, China, Australia and West Coast of USA via Singapore and from countries of Europe, Gulf, Africa and East Coast of USA via Colombo.

It is a hassle and congestion free port for free movement of containers because of availability of private / Government owned CFSs in and around Chennai port. The Chennai port CFS is now taken over by P & O Ports, Australia under the privatization concept of our Government of India, in order to provide greater inputs to the international trade.

Our Team

We have an exclusive team handling customs clearance at port premises. Apart from handling physical clearance we are safeguarding the interest of our customers. In cases of loss or damage to the cargo, we guide our customers properly and ensure that taking appropriate actions legally properly protects the rights of our customers.

We handle clearance of

Project Import Commercial cargo on payment of duty for direct consumption Commercial Cargo for warehousing without payment of duty at first and on payment of duty either in part or full subsequently depending upon the requirements. Exhibition cargo United nations Cargo


We are also handling sea export