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Air Clearance

The Chennai airport is one of the major international airports in India.

Sea Clearance

Chennai Port is a major international seaport situated in the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu


The declared bonded area may be either private owned or public or even personal


We have exclusive staff to look after airfreight shipments.

The range of services offered by Best Shipping include:

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Total Supply Chain Management is the movement of raw material from delivering to finished goods. Just-in Time Materials Management - Precision logistics for zero inventory. We Provide you the best service in the world. 3rd Party Logistics - Where we take care of logistics, leaving the client to focus on their core business. Import / Export Logistics - The overseas component of the supply chain. Reverse Logistics - For the efficient disposal / return of rejected goods. Carrier Management - To optimize cost and efficiency. Fine Tuning Solutions - Inventory and Warehouse Management. Comprehensive Overview - Handling special commodities including oversized cargo and refrigeration commodities. Freight forwarding for containerized movement to the US sector with very competitive rates for all commodities.
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Sea Freight

It is a central port of South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karanataka, Kerala and Andrapradesh.

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Air Freight

It is considered as gateway airport for importers and exporters of South Indian States comprising Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andra Pradesh.

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These storage services are characterised with reasonable pricing and both short and long term period.

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